Security and beauty in your home, Matten Welt DE

Home is our place for a comfortable life. We arrange it according to our needs and our aesthetic preferences. It is our refuge after hard work. A place where we feel safe and relaxed.

Pet on doormat

How safe are we at home?

According to statistics, most injuries with injuries occur at home, 53.6%. Types of injuries are burns, cuts, falls, bone fractures. Hidden dangers in the house are various household items and appliances, ladders, wet and slippery floors. Potential risks in every home are household chemicals, hot water, fireplaces, sharp objects. Even the design of individual houses can be a potential hazard such as balconies and open stairs. The kitchen hides its dangers, but most injuries in 65+ people happen in the bathroom. Injuries occur due to slipping on wet and slippery floors and mats. The second group of injuries occurs due to tripping on uneven and wrinkled mats. People who have difficulty moving due to various diseases are especially endangered.

Mats and rugs, safe and sound

Mats, carpets, and rugs from Matten Welt DE (Matts Welt DE) are a reliable way to prevent falls due to tripping and slipping. All products are manufactured in the best quality. The fibers are made of high-quality polyester yarn, without the presence of PVC, resistant to UV action. They repel dust and pollen and are ideal for people with allergies. The background is made of premium rubber and they are extremely anti-slip. They are suitable for households with pets due to their extremely easy maintenance. They are washed at temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius with medium-strong detergents. All carpets and rugs come in two variants, with or without a rubber edge. For people who have difficulty moving, they are recommended with a rubber edge. What makes them amazing is the huge selection of designs, over 2500. There is also the possibility to design your own carpet (mat ).Carpet in living room

Endurance to extreme outdoor conditions

Matten Welt DE outdoor mats are specially designed for use in front of buildings and houses where there is no covered space (roof). These mats have different properties to respond to special conditions. They are made of branded polyamide, robust surface 8-9 mm thick. They have a great brushing effect on the surface of the mat to keep coarse dirt. The back is made of PVC-free perforated rubber which prevents moisture from being retained longer. They can be with or without a rubber edge. The fibers use intaglio printing of 45 standard colors to withstand external weather conditions. Garden mats are also available.

Endurance to internal conditions

Indoor mats are made of the best combinations of fiber and rubber. They have a high ability to clean and absorb moisture. Over 2500 different designs with high-quality intaglio printing. They also come in a version with or without a rubber edge, to avoid tripping they are recommended with a rubber edge. They are easy to maintain, washable up to 40 degrees Celsius. They can withstand up to 150 washes at that temperature. They are suitable for households with underfloor heating and at the same time are hypoallergenic.


Matten Welt DE

All products from Matten Welt DE are manufactured with high quality and high-quality materials according to the applicable standards. They are hypoallergenic and easy to maintain for households with pets. Over 2500 samples with high-quality printing, with the possibility for the customer to design his own carpet or mat. All products are cut to the required dimensions. At the customer’s request, all carpets and rugs can be supplied with or without a rubber edge. A rubber edge is recommended for people with mobility problems. They are suitable for underfloor heating and are extremely easy to care for. The guarantee period is 5 years with recommended care. Every customer has the right to return the product for a refund. All products are of well-known German quality.

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