Can we slow down aging with cell nutrition?

Why are we getting older? We age because our cells, the basic and smallest part of our body, begin to age. Our cells have different lifespans: immune 24 hours; skin 20 days; erythrocytes 4 months; cost up to 25 years. The two most important causes of aging are cell proliferation and oxidation due to the increased number of free radicals.

Aging due to cell proliferation

One of the major causes of aging is the way our cells multiply. They reproduce by division. The genetic material is divided first, and then the other parts of the cell until it is divided into two equal parts. Our cells divide 50 to 70 times in a lifetime, and errors in the genetic material occur. My biology professor explained the division as one of the causes of aging with the example of the classical seal. After the stamp comes in contact with the ink, we make prints without re-contacting the ink. The first copies are best seen, and as far as ones are paler and paler, while the latter cannot be discerned. Thus, even with cells, errors occur during division, and they become weaker and deformed.

Aging of cells due to the action of oxidation and free radicals

Another major cause of cell aging is oxidation stress due to the action of free radicals. Thousands of chemical processes important for the life of cells and the whole organism take place in our body in 24 hours. Free radicals are formed as a by-product of these chemical processes, due to the breaking of bonds within molecules in cells. The causes are our daily exposure to stress; exposure to food and air pollutants; medicines; ionizing and UV radiation, etc. Free radicals in cells oxidize, and the consequence is the formation of new free radicals that weaken the cell structure by damaging enzymes, proteins, lipids, and even the hereditary material itself – DNA. The result is degeneration, aging, and cell decay.

Nutrients that protect the cell from oxidation and free radicals

Antioxidants are microelements that prevent the action of free radicals (oxidants) when they are in harmful excess. They transform and bind stray oxygen molecules, thus stopping the chain reaction of creating new free radicals. They neutralize their action and even repair the damage caused by their action. One of the most important antioxidants is glutathione. It is a protection against oxidation stress and enhances and helps the action of other antioxidants, and normal immune function. Glutathione is formed by the three amino acids glycine, cysteine, and glutamic acid. Over the years, the amount of cysteine and thus glutathione in cells decreases. The body produces up to 10 mg per day and needs about 150 mg. A new and best way to compensate is to eat at the cellular level.


Celltrient US dietary supplements at the cellular level

Celltrient US cell-level nutrition supplements come in three product groups: Cellular Protect Cellular Strenght, and Cellular Energy. Cellular Protect contains the powerful antioxidant glutathione and differs from other glutathione supplements. The difference is that Cellular Protect contains the amino acids Glycine N-acetyl cysteine which form the building blocks for glutathione. They work so that there is no loss of glutathione in the digestive tract, as happens with other glutathione supplements. Celltrient US Cellular Strengths contains Mitopure Urolithin A. It has been clinically proven that Urolithin A acts on the regeneration of mitochondria and thus on the strengthening of muscles that have been weakened due to mitochondrial damage. Normally Urolithin A is produced by the intestinal flora from certain types of foods. The only problem is that every third person possesses an intestinal flora that can produce Urolithin A. Celltrient Cellular Strength boosts muscle strength and physical performance. Celltrient Cellular Energy contains Niagen Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) which clinical trials have proven to increase levels of NAD + (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) for as little as two weeks. It is a very important molecule located inside every living cell and plays an important role in the production of energy inside the cell. NAD + is used today to treat aging-related diseases. Celltrient Cellular Energy contains NR which increases NAD + in cells and increases the body’s natural ability ds to process nutrients into energy, which is needed by cells. Celltrient Cellular Energy contains 250 mg of True Niagen in combination with vitamin C and 6 B vitamins so that they help the metabolism of energy within the cell. Celltrient Cellular Energy contains 250 mg of True Niagen in combination with vitamin C and 6 B vitamins so that they help the metabolism of energy within the cell.


With cellular nutrition, it is possible to slow down and age healthier

Celltrient US products are proof that it is possible to age healthier and avoid many of the ailments that arise with age. Cellular Protect, Cellular Strength, and Cellular Energy have been tested in laboratory and clinical conditions, and with their high-quality ingredients, they achieve better metabolism within the cell itself.


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